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Air Shower

Air Shower is installed at the entrance of clean room in order to remove any dust from the garment of worker and also plays the role of an air lock

Airtech Filter

Airtech Filters brings forth Hepa Filters which stands up in all international standards. These Hepa filter are manufactured in clean room to ensure c

Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling System

Ceiling By joining the new utility model system, achieving the significant decrease in construction work. Seal joints are adopted hence no leeks can

Clean Bench

AIRTECH clean benches are economical, lightweight, and come in a variety of standard sizes. They are available in Table Top, Console, SS-MAC, and cus

FFU - Fan Filter Unit

Airtech FFU - Fan Filter Unit provides the maximum cleanliness to a Cleanroom, Front end & Back end Manufacturing and Packing, Sterile Areas, Bio

Cleanroom Teardrop Lighting

Airtech clean room lights are compatible with all clean room ceilings and are optimally adjusted to your room by our lighting calculations. A clean r

Pass Box

Pass box is one kind of facilities, which located on partition walls of clean room and its function shall be a buffer area for transferring goods bet


SS-MAC fan filter units are as flexible and reliable as they are convenient. Designed for use in many different configurations and functions, manufact

Surface Particle Removal Device

Brush Particle Remover Features The Brush hits every surface of box, and removes dust from it. It is suitable also for the thing of hard shape. (

Cleanroom Floor

Floors The load bearing capacity, ventilation and electrostatics of a floor are essential for use in clean rooms. Our access floors meet all technic