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Clean Hand Washer & Dryer

AIRTECH’s Clean Hand Washer / Dryer is the answer to today’s higher cleanroom standards. This system is ideal anywhere hand/glove cleanliness must be maintained and insures consistent hand washing methodology between operators. Our Hand Washer/Dryer is so fast and easy to use that your washing frequency and compliance standards will easily be attained. Simply put your hands in the wash chamber and a photoelectric sensor turns the water on for about seven seconds. Then HEPA filtrated clean air will come out of the nozzle for about 15 seconds to dry the hands. If the hands are not completely dry after the drying process, the manual drying button can be pressed for additional drying time. The Hand Washer/Dryer features: small footprint (600W x 480D x 1100H), steel with powder coating main body construction, porcelain sink, 99.99% HEPA filter @ 0.3 micron, air velocity 100 m/s, mirror, and motion sensors allow for hand free operation. We offer 2 different m