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Laboratory and Bio-Safety Laboratory and Bio-safety
Laboratory Facilities
  • According to WHO Bio-Safety BSL1-4 & Animal BSL1-4 Guidelines
  • The house should be independent, detached unit.
  • If it adjoins a laboratory, the design should provide for its isolation from public parts of the laboratory should such need rise, and its decontamination and disinfestations.
  • Shown design is base on container type BSL1-4 Design
  • Complete unit with self-support structure, Security System, Fire System Disinfection Action Air-condition System (Negative Pressure Design), Drain system and Exhaust system, will preassembly and FAT before ship out
  • Site Testing & Commissioning and certify
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No. Description
1 Package Clean Air Handling Unit
2 Air Lock Room (Changing Room with garment stocker)
3 Control panel, touch screen with alarm & interlock system
4 Air tight
5 Bio-type Transfer Hatch/TUV Pass Box
6 Negative Pressure Damper
7 Chemical Resistance floor finishing
8 Round curving skirting
9 Chemical Resistance, Anti-virus wall finishing
10 Supply Air Duct
11 Hepa Filter Box
12 Hepa Filter Exhaust Box
13 Exhaust Duct
14 Bio-type Lighting Box
15 TUV Light
16 Bio-Hazard cabinet BHC
17 Exhaust Main Duct
18 Bio Safety Exhaust Duct
19 Exhaust Fan Chamber
Isolator for BSL-3 Bio-Hazard Cabinet BHC-1305-2A/B3 Bag in Bag Out System for Bio-filter
  • Transfer Box c/w SUS 304 4B finish
  • Transfer Box with polycarbonate window door
  • Small mini Hepa Filter box
  • TUV and Lighting Switch
  • Fan c/w variable speed control & Inter locking
  • Front vertical sliding door
  • Exhaust duct connector frame
  • Stainless steel SUS 304 4B slot type perforated table & internally
  • For Safe Changing Filter System
Clean Hand Washing & Drying Emergency Shower Garment Stocker
  • Fast Dry
  • High Speed 100m/s
  • Drain Connection for disinfection tank
  • Hand free washing
  • Impeller Shower
  • Hand Operation
  • Sliding Door
  • Exhaust with Hepa Filter
  • Stainless steel hanger
  • TUV (Optional)
Clean Room Lighting Box Pass Box Infected Animal Rearing Unit
  • IP54 type Lighting box
  • PSB certify
  • Air tight with top access for service
  • Pass Box (Transfer Hatch)
  • Air Tight door
  • TUV
  • Interlock system
  • Internal stainless system
  • To Prevent Infection by enclosure, when infected animals or animals developed through gene recombination are treated
  • The rearing part is negative pressure to prevent leak of contaminants outside
Eyewash Station Portable Formalin Gas Sterilizer Air Lock Room with Dust & Bacterial Remove
  • Counter-top Eye wash
  • Sink or countertop mounted polished chrome-plated brass single action swing-down to activate eye/face wash that features twin ABS
  • Standard for emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment
  • For Room & Equipment Sterilization
  • Interlocking system
  • Remove duct & particle
  • TUV for remove bacterial
  • Bio-matrix or card reader for entrance
Infected Animal Rearing Unit Thermal Control Animal Rearing Unit Plumbing system & Waste
  • To prevent infection by enclosure, when infected animals or animals developed through gene recombination are treated.
  • The rearing part is negative pressure to prevent leak of contaminants outside
  • If you treat the infection or genetically animals, it needs contain the virus for prevention of infection
  • This equipment had the temperature control function, when the best for stable temperature environment on the infected animal rearing.
  • Hand Wash with Sterilization tank
  • Sensor for waste water treatment
Stainless steel Table Biosafety Cabinet Animal Dissect Cabinet
  • Easy to Cleaning
  • Make to size for Lab equipment
  • This Class II A cabinet provides on economical solution for basic R & D and inspection of bacteria of biosafety level 3.
  • To prevent infection, when the dangerous infected animal is dissected, because there is possibility the infected aerosol break out from the animal
  • This dissection cabinet is germ free.
Disinfection Pass Box Biofit Static Dissipative Chair Airborne Bacteria Sampler
  • Animal Biological Safety Level Disinfection Pass Box
  • Static dissipative Lab Chair
  • Airborne bacterial testing device
Anemomaster Hand Held Lux Meter Particle counter
  • Air Flow checking device
  • Lux meter for brightness test
  • Air Born particle check & leak check
Photo meter Sound Level Meter Touch Free Dispenser
  • Filter DOP leakage test
  • Sound level check
  • Hand Free Auto hand Wash lotion Dispenser
Antibacterial Lotion Soap Clean & Sterile Garment
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