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Health Care

Safety Lobby Chairs

Airtech manufactures safety lobby chairs which prevent Airborne & Droplet transmission. It has an inlet airflow which absorbs the contaminated air

Clean Partition

Airtech cleanroom partition wall systems are an innovative and easy for installation wall system. The system is specially designed for pharmaceuti

Clean Hand Washer & Dryer

AIRTECH’s Clean Hand Washer / Dryer is the answer to today’s higher cleanroom standards. This system is ideal anywhere hand/glove cleanl

Photocatalytic clean deodorizer

It is an air purifier with deodorizing function with built-in titanium dioxide photocatalyst and HEPA filter.  By using the HEPA filter, it pr

Photocatalyst disinfection and deodorization equipment

It is a deodorizing device using photocatalyst. There are HEPA filter built-in type and special deodorant model. It is used in nursing care

Air Transfer System

With the hot and humid environment in Singapore, the majority of the offices have Air Conditioning. There are a few issues arising from this:&nbs