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Stretcher with Containment

Airtech is one of the world leaders in the design and supply of flexible containment and integrated systems for all aspects of the containment of

Economic Isolated Bed

Hospital Air Infection protection Infection patient emergency isolated & recovery purposed Easy to move and assemble Special Specif

Infect Disease Treatment Room

Infectious diseases can spread from one person to another by aerosol droplets. The spread of Tuberculosis (TB), for example, occurs when an otherwis

Isolated Treatment Room

Isolated Treatment room is used to treat the patients in secure condition to keep away from germs and other air born bacteria’s and viruses.

O.T Ceiling Filter Box

AIRTECH’s O.T Ceiling Filter unit is a self contained HEPA or ULPA filter and blower unit that operates at, twice most competitors’ models

Operating Room

In the area of Operating Room, Bio-clean room and bio-hazard room construction, Airtech has developed system that offer even greater precision and e

Surgical Room Ceiling

An operating theater (also known as an operating room, operating suite, theatre operation suite or OR) is a facility within a hospital where surgical

Biologically Hazard Autopsy Room

An autopsy is a surgical procedure to examine the body and its internal organs after death. The most persistent challenge, however, has been the

Pharmacy Cleanroom

Pharmacies in Hospitals now are evolving into using clean room technologies for chemotherapy drug preparation for their patients.  Using a Cle